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BHMS 2010-11 School Year
“Guided by the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, Brooklyn Heights Montessori School is committed to education that has at its center respect for each child’s development and potential. We foster a lifelong love of learning, individual excellence, and the satisfaction that results from meaningful work. We encourage personal responsibility and respect for self, others, and community. Our children learn to be thoughtful, responsible citizens of the School and the world around them.”
- Brooklyn Heights Montessori School Mission Statement

BHMS provides computers, networked devices, network storage and Internet access to members of our community in an effort to satisfy the goals of our mission.

It is impossible for BHMS to have full control over access of Internet content and we rely on the good judgement of members of our community to maintain high standards of proper conduct in the use of technology. The following guidelines have been set forth to remind users of their responsibilities as members of our community.

Network Access: Full-time and some part-time faculty and staff, who agree to the terms and conditions of the acceptable use policy, will have access to the BHMS network and network storage space. Files created and/or stored on the BHMS network, domain and/or BHMS computers and devices are property of BHMS and can be removed at anytime without notice. The intentional, unauthorized deletion of computer data is a violation of theCFAA and could result in civil or criminal penalties.
Internet Access: Members of the BHMS community who agree to the terms and conditions of the acceptable use policy will have access to the Internet through the PCs in the faculty and staff lounge, and a special login through the Macs.
Email Access: Full-time and some part-time faculty and staff, who agree to the terms and conditions of the acceptable use policy, will be provided a BHMS email account. The account resides on our domain space provided through Google Apps for Education. Through our agreement with Google, each user has access to email, calendar, docs, sites and many other applications that can be accessed through web browsers on the BHMS network as well as personal (home) networks. BHMS email accounts are to be used only for school related communications. All email sent or received through BHMS emails address is property of BHMS and can be accessed without prior consent.
Email Retention: Email has become the preferred method of contact for much of our community. It has also become a way that many businesses and individuals document important conversations and transactions. It is becoming more and more important that we preserve these communications. All direct email conversations had with members of the BHMS community and businesses should be archived, not deleted. "Out of building," "Out sick," mailing list, SPAM, and all school/F&S/Department emails may be deleted by recipients as needed. When in doubt, archive.Passwords: Individuals are responsible for creating, remembering and protecting their passwords. Passwords should be no less than 6 characters long. Best practice is to use a combination of letters and numbers. Passwords are private and should not be shared with anyone. Do not attempt to guess other users passwords. If you feel that your password is no longer private, change it immediately. If a password is forgotten or a user's account has been compromised, please speak to a member of the Technology Department.
Computer use: Those engaged in academic work have priority in the use of computers over those who wish to use the computers recreational purpose.
Printing: In order to save paper, individuals should print only when absolutely necessary. Color printers should be used sparingly. Members of the community should use school printers for BHMS-related activities only.
Social Networking: Social networking sites (such as facebook and twitter) are quickly becoming a primary way that people connect with one another. Due to the unpredictable nature of these sites, access is acceptable only in areas where students are not present, i.e., the faculty and staff lounge. Faculty and Staff should not “friend” or accept “friend request” from current BHMS students or parents. It is advised that former students are not friended until they are 18 years of age.
Confidentiality: It is important that Faculty and Staff members use discretion when posting information to social networking sites and other places on the Internet.