NYCIST Oct. 30th Meeting Notes

Increased Use of Technology Suggestions
  • Peer Mentoring Programs
    • Have the faculty set up a "first line of defense"
    • Give stipends if possible. This costs less than hiring a new person
  • Required training for faculty
    • This needs the Heads support
    • Use Faculty to help train. They tend to listen more with peers teaching
    • Faculty often think that if a Tech Staff holds the training, it's too difficult for the average person.
  • Technology Department involved in the admin/staff hiring. This will hopefully limit the number of times we need to train a staff member on a mail merge.
  • Technology Competencies Rubric
  • Documentation
    • Set up a wiki and document solutions
    • email solutions
  • "Trojan Horse" Technology Training
    • Give smartboards and require training
  • Get a Ticketing system
    • unsuccessful if there is no head support
    • expectations are key! Does everyone expect immediate support for every problem?
    • Prioritizing is very important.
Site Visit Program
  • Have 4 or more Technologists (both academic and IT) come in to help a Tech department.
  • Would be a voluntary program.
  • NYSAIS should be involved to give any evaluation real weight. This can help move a tech program forward.
  • Schools need to not feel threatened
  • Should be similar to the NYSAIS 10 and 5 year evaluations
  • How are the survey groups formed? If it's teachers volunteering information, it is often skewed data (only the unhappy will give feedback)
  • Schools should create a self study similar to the NYSAIS evaluation
  • Interview Faculty, Admin/staff, Students, Parents and Tech Dept.

NYCIST Website
  • Overall, the concensous was a wiki best serves the overall group
  • The wiki should be structured before the official launch with the following categories
    • Best Practices
    • Solutions/Software Repository
    • Topics of Interest
    • Meeting Notes
    • Resources
  • People should wiki the solutions to issues after they post an email
  • We are not trying to make another It is a great resource (and we should link to it).
  • This wiki will be more specific to NYCIST