Event Info:
Brooklyn Friends Schooll

375 Pearl Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
When: Thursday, October 22nd 4:00pm
What: email management/archiving/retention

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Discusion Points:
  • Onsite Hosting or Outsourced
  • Do I legally need to archive?
  • Archive vs retention what do they mean?



Adam Van Auken's Notes

Best policy yet here:
Colin Samuel from Sacred Heart (722-4745 ext. 765)

They are grandfathering

- Only keeping 12 months on exchange server
- They allow faculty to auto archive
We do host our mail here at Hewitt, and because of that we have a finite
amount of drive space. This leads to the following email retention
policy that we've put into place:
Each user has 350mb of mailbox storage, which includes Inbox and
the subfolders, Sent Items, Deleted Items, etc. At 325mb they start
getting automated warnings every night, which are routinely ignored. At
350mb their ability to send is cut, and at 375mb they will not receive
further messages. We still get complaints about this limit, but 350mb
is EXTREMELY generous if you look at other organizations.
Each summer, all faculty on 9-month contracts and all students'
email is archived and then purged. Administration is unaffected, but
are still under the 350mb limit rule, so some gentle prodding is
sometimes necessary to get them to clean up before their ability to
email gets cut off.
Deleted Items are automatically purged after 30 days. There was
a bit of push-back when this was first implemented by people who liked
to store important stuff in their Deleted Items folder (!).
In this new age of Facebook, we keep graduating Seniors' email
accounts active until about mid-September so they can transition to
their college email system.
Message size is limited to 10mb max.
I may have missed a few, but these are the main points in our policy.
Spencer Vining
The Hewitt School

See http://www.edtechmag.com/k12/issues/january-february-2009/e-mail-on-the-loose-2.html



Email boxes that are hosted on CUIT servers are backed up nightly and retained for up to five weeks. Deleted and purged email, if available in a backup copy, may be recoverable if the request is not longer than five weeks from the date of deletion. Email forwarded (i.e., redirected) to a personal email account (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) that is not under CUIT control is excluded from the CUIT email backup.