September 2009 Meeting Notes

Event Info:
Where: The Buckley School 113 East 73rd or on your computer at nycist
When: September 23, 4pm
What:** Plans for "virtual teaching" in case of H1N1 closures - arvind


Discusion Points:
  • I would love to learn more about folks' practical and pre-worked out plans for continuing to teach during what feel to be likely school closings in the fall. How many schools are making concrete, deliberate plans? Do folks feel as if the bare existence of E-mail and FirstClass conferences will be sufficient for a real shut down?- "Lisa Pedicini"
  • distance learning in general, or the possibility of hybrid distance/face-to-face learning
  • Communication approaches. What are the tipping points that put different levels of action into effect.

  • Adam Kenner, Horace Mann
  • David Bill and Basil Kolani, The Dwight School



  • Notes from NYSAIS H1N1 Pandemic Flu Preparedness, September 17, 2009, Trinity School (coming soon)