The Buckley School
Technology Acceptable Use Policy

“The goals of a Buckley education are that every boy learn fundamental skills, gain self-confidence through disciplined thought and action, develop personal integrity and respect for others, and discover the joy of learning and the satisfaction of pursuing excellence.” – The Buckley School Mission Statement.

The Buckley School provides computer technology and makes the Internet available to students, faculty and staff for the purpose of meeting the goals of our mission. All members of the Buckley community are expected to act at all times in accordance with our established community standards of conduct.

It is impossible for The Buckley School to have full control over which materials on the Internet will be available to members of the community, and users may encounter controversial information. We rely on the good judgment of our constituents to adhere to the standards of proper conduct in the use of technology, and the following guidelines are established to remind users of the responsibilities that they assume as members of the Buckley community.

1.Passwords are private. One should not share personal account names and passwords or try to use those of others. If one becomes aware of another individual’s password, one should immediately contact that person or a member of the technology staff.
2.The Buckley School expects all constituents to use polite and appropriate language in e-mail messages, online postings and other digital communications. Profane, vulgar or patently offensive language has no place in our discourse—electronic or otherwise.
3.E-mail and other means of communication (e.g. blogs, wikis, chat, instant-messaging, discussion boards, etc.) must be used responsibly. Individuals who use computers, cell phones, personal digital devices or the Internet to send or post hate or harassing mail; make discriminatory or derogatory remarks about others; or engage in bullying, harassment or other antisocial behaviors either at school or at home will face disciplinary consequences.
4.One's personal involvement in social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook is not private and as such should not reflect negatively on fellow students, teachers or The Buckley School. Members of the Buckley community are responsible for how they represent themselves and their school on the Internet.

5.Masquerading, spoofing or pretending to be someone else is forbidden in electronic communications. This includes, but is not limited to, sending out e-mail, creating accounts, posting messages or engaging in other online content (e.g. text, images, audio or video) in someone else's name, even if the activity is meant and is received solely as a joke.
6.Individuals may not use the Internet or other electronic devices to post or circulate pictures and videos of others without their direct permission.
7.In keeping with accepted standards of technological respect and courtesy, members of the Buckley community should forward or repost e-mail written by another member of the Buckley community only with that user’s consent.
8.The Buckley School computer resources must be used responsibly. Members of the Buckley community may not purposefully view, retrieve, save or display hate-based, offensive or sexually explicit material using any of Buckley's computer resources. Students should notify an adult immediately if by accident they encounter materials which violate appropriate use.

9.Those engaged in academic work have priority in the use of computers over those who wish to use the computers recreationally.

10.In order to save paper, individuals should use "Print Preview" before printing and then print only one copy to the nearest black and white printer. Color printers should be used sparingly. Members of the community should use school printers for Buckley-related activities only.
11.With the permission of a faculty member, students may play games that are in keeping with the values and behavioral expectations of the Buckley community. Games that are violent or offensive are not allowed at school at any time.
12.Software should not be installed on equipment without the authorization of the IT Department.
13.Music, videos or any other kinds of digital media should not be downloaded from the Internet onto Buckley computers without the permission of the IT Department.

14.It is generally illegal and unethical to copy or transfer any copyrighted software to or from computers on the Buckley network. In certain cases, however, with the authorization of the IT Department, exceptions may be made.
15.Students should not change default settings, install software or alter Buckley computers without permission from the IT Department.
16.When finished with a Buckley computer, individuals should log off, return headphones, push in chairs and return all equipment to its proper place before leaving.
17.Food and drinks are prohibited in the computer labs.

The Buckley School IT Department will make every effort to maintain the security and integrity of the network so that each user has equal and fair access. The Buckley School, however, cannot guarantee the security and ultimate privacy of any material stored on the network. The Buckley School takes no responsibility for the loss of data, files or information on the network, and the Buckley administration reserves the right to read and/or remove any files on the system without prior notification to system users.

I understand and will abide by the above Acceptable Use Agreement. Should I commit a violation, I understand that the consequences of my actions could include suspension of my computer privileges as well as disciplinary actions as deemed appropriate by the Buckley administration.

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Parent or Guardian:
As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read the Acceptable Use Agreement. I understand that computer access is provided for educational purposes in keeping with the academic goals of The Buckley School and that student use for any other purpose is inappropriate. I also understand that by signing the Agreement my son will be held responsible for abiding by the spirit and the letter of the rules contained in it. I recognize that it is impossible for The Buckley School to restrict access to all controversial materials, and I will not hold the School responsible for materials inappropriately acquired by students on the School network. I understand that children’s computer activities at home should be supervised as these activities can affect the academic environment at school. I also understand that the School reserves the right to use my son’s image in print and electronic school publications.

I hereby agree to abide by all terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

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(Note: This new Buckley School AUP is based mostly on the Packer Collegiate's AUP. I wish to thank Bill Knauer of Packer and Jon Rosenshine of Buckley in helping to adapt this to our school's principal. Thank you-Ahsan). Click here!!!