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Discussion Points
Meeting Notes

  • Time (lack of it)
  • Building Relationships with Faculty – importance of approach (top-down mandates v bottom-up buy in, building incentives and capacity)
  • Incentives (release time for training, laptop, free trip to NECC, stipends to attend training, SmartBoards)
  • Setting expectations
  • Starting small (exceptional uses and smart uses that are relevant to curriculum based and collaborative)
  • Coordination with curriculum

DIFFERENT MODELS THAT WERE SHARED (I know I missed some so please edit!):
Brklyn Friends "Tech Faculty Group" meeting time embedded in weekly schedule + "tech byte" meetings throughout the year with each month
  • “study hall session” or graduate seminar type set up for faulty
  • positive atmos of learning session
  • less of “dive by” time sucking questions
  • Develops peer to peer connections

Bklyn Heights Montessori School “Tech Time”
  • techs talk to each division at start of the year yto choose if: a) meet as a division b) meet 1:1 with tech coord
  • framed as “we are offering this to you, when are you going to sign up”, rather than a requirment
  • tell us what you are working on in your classes o we will answer any tech questions (including personal tech questions)

"Flex Time" Strategy to win over faculty
  • speak with faculty to determine how a faculty member spends his/her time
  • then calculate how much time faculty could "save" if they adopt x, y, z technology

The School @ Columbia
  • Specialists take classes while all entire grade team of classroom teachers had specific training (ex.Scratch )
  • One example of how to manoeuver things around

Peer-to Peer Learning
  • Tech for Teachers Educators TTEE
  • SAVE THE DATE: Friday May 1st @ Packer Collegiate
  • Please ask great teachers to develop a short tech workshop that they could present on day

  • Open Space Professional Development Day
  • Overarching Learning Management System framework of which tech is one piece of curriculum
  • Landscape of knowledge is changing - who owns what?

Best Practices!!!! Gina Marcel