Event Info:
The Nightingale-Bamford School,
20 East 92nd Street New York, NY 10128
When: Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
What: iPads and other e-readers: Are they game-changers?

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Has been doing extensive usability studies with nine faculty members with iPads and will be reporting on that.
Kindle and ebook developement.
Kindle Tech and Teaching plus Tools
Recent Attendance at the Apple Education Leadership Conference in Dallas, recent attendance at TEDXNY, ongoing conversations with CK-12 e-publishers of textbooks.
Kindle & iPad
I will bring both and a list of resources around both. I'd like to have an APP share for iPad users so people can share what apps they use, love and have educational and network uses.
I have a Sony Reader. I'd be happy to talk about it.
I'd like to discuss the iPad and how it truly is a revolutionary product, not just a big iPhone.

Discusion Points:
  • What features would the ideal e-reader have for the English classroom? How do the different e-readers compare? - Denise
  • Practical uses. What's known about the next version? - Lisa
  • Ideas on iPad integration. We can talk about our evaluation process at Cathedral. We bought 5 iPads. But don't want to formally present.
  • Use of iPads in the classroom for elementary students; pros and cons. -Yumi
  • Bradon brought his SONY reader and talked about the idea that the iPad may be the next laptop for personal and education use (if only Apple will "cut the cord to iTunes")
  • Scott says he saw kids bringing them in initially to play, but eventually turning back to their laptops
  • Basil:
  • Ahsan: e-readers replacing textbooks? Smaller, more capabilities for interaction
  • Ken: prototyping 5/6th curriculum-- where does technology fit in? Attended TEDxNYED, Apple Education Leadership conference in Dallas; the game itself is changing and e-readers are the evidence. Mandel has a huge EC library-- but now libraries will be digital. We spend money on books, but that is to use up the budget provided by the city, state, etc. Book Expo America @ Javits Center; reference to Neeru Khosla's talk about CK-12; in the future no one will carry a 50lb backpack; and it's a powerful idea that we can refresh our curriculum daily or hourly (by using an e-reader with a flexbook?)
  • At the NYC Creative Commons Salon a few of us heard from Flat World Knowledge , who produces relatively-free textbooks (online) and paid if you want to print them or put them on your various devices.
  • Basil: iPad-- marketed as a better e-reader, but the selection isn't there. However, the page numbers match up with book page numbers (unlike Kindle); iPad cannot be mass deployed to teachers and students
  • Lisa: agrees that there are barriers to widespread adoption, but the question isn't if, it's when; annotation is not too far out
  • Adam: will the iPad kill e-readers? Eye strain: iPads do not have e-ink/e-paper; but the Kindle/Sony reader is not a transformative technology
  • Lisa: subjective; user experience-- you can control font size, some people like the backlight
  • Ken: head of school tried reading Winne the Pooh to her son with both the iPad and a physical book: both mother and son liked the iPad better; believes that the business model is at fault, not the device
  • Scott: students print math work to PDF and upload it to moodle... but the iPad neither print nor save. Therefore, students cannot create work to submit on the iPad.
  • Christopher: iPad is a delivery system NOT a system for creating content. It's good at content delivery.Transformative capabilities: read Shakespeare and watch Lawrence Olivier.
  • Brandon: Apple trying to change the file system (not "broken" just different);
  • Chris: "soup" system of file management; documents are found through search function; argues that iPad IS a content creation system
  • Can't create a Google Doc using Safari
  • Basil: cost of iPad the same as a year's supply of textbooks; English teachers love reading on it but are frustrated that they cannot annotate
  • People are starting to be able to touch type; keyboard is available
  • iPad and iPhone cables, etc... power cord is different, sync cable is the same
  • How can they be shared? Apple ID issues? Not ideal; you can create multiple backups, so when they are synced you can just sync to the standard backup. It's slow. It's hard to integrate them into the network-- inelegant.
  • Legality: there is no limit to the number of iPad per Apple ID?
  • Pages: all files are saved within the application;
  • Colin: single-tasking on iPad rather than multitasking on laptop
  • Scott is in love with his Kindle
  • Scott mentioned Appropriate Technology , a theory by Schumacher - interesting stuff here

http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2010/01/27/apples-ipad-is-it-a-game-changer/[[http://assets.en.oreilly.com/1/event/33/The Future of Digital Textbooks Presentation.ppt|Future of Digital Textbooks presentation]]

Future of Digital Textbooks presentation from Tools of Change conference

Book Expo America

Flexbooks by Neeru Khosla

Will It Blend: iPad

Ipad apps with recommendatons/reviews